Class Action

In a class by itself in defense of class actions

For decades, Herzfeld & Rubin has successfully represented clients in major class action matters, including litigation with potential “bet the company” exposure.  Our track record of superior results includes dismissals of class actions at their inception, prevention and limitation of class certification and, where desired, the crafting of creative settlement structures which protect our clients’ financial interests and public image while affording fair and adequate redress to class members.  

Since the beginning of the modern class action era, Herzfeld & Rubin has been at the forefront of this uniquely challenging area of litigation.  Our specialized team of class action attorneys and staff has extensive experience in litigating the most complex and challenging class actions.  We have successfully defended major U.S. and international corporate clients in putative statewide and nationwide class actions in courts throughout the country.  We have litigated all phases of federal and state class action litigation including challenges to pleadings, electronic and conventional discovery, U.S. and foreign depositions, complex and cutting edge scientific and economic issues, multi-district consolidation and transfer for coordinated proceedings, class certification, trial on the merits and appeals.    

Herzfeld & Rubin’s class action expertise includes claims of products liability involving vehicles and other products, antitrust, state and federal regulatory matters, consumer laws, warranty and tort claims, commercial claims, employment related claims, as well as international and transnational law as applied in the U.S. under the Alien Tort Claims Act and similar statutes and doctrines.

Aggressive and Client-Sensitive Case Handling

Herzfeld & Rubin has the talent, expertise and resources to effectively litigate the most complex and challenging class actions against the most highly skilled and organized adversaries.  We are known throughout the country for handling class actions in an aggressive manner that is consistent with our clients’ business and economic goals.  Our proactive and robust case handling has been beneficial to our clients’ interests, whether the case ultimately settles, is at the certification stage, or proceeds through trial and appeal.

Team Approach

The close relationships forged with our clients permit us to obtain technical expertise about the involved product or subject matter, gauge our clients’ business and economic goals on an early basis, and implement a successful and cost-effectively strategy that meets our client’s goals and objectives.

In litigating class actions, we employ a lean team of partners and associates who are experienced and seasoned class action litigators.  When appellate issues are confronted, we have the resources of an appellate department with extensive class action experience to handle appeals and complex state and national legal issues.

We work closely with top-tier experts in numerous fields of science, engineering, business and economics in defending both class certification and substantive issues.

Herzfeld & Rubin’s class action team has skilled negotiators with significant experience on obtaining favorable resolutions for our clients.  Our reputation for integrity and outstanding defense of cases is well-known among the bar and helps to facilitate favorable results.  Our experience includes successful results in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution programs.

We have experience in all aspects of settlement administration and claims handling.  Our expertise in settlement administration, together with our longstanding relationships with top settlement administrators has enabled our clients to administer class action settlements at the highest level of effectiveness.  In addition, we  worked extensively with client administered settlements, and counsel our clients in developing approaches to reduce administrative costs.

We look forward to discussing class action matters with you and will be happy to provide references.

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