Corporate and Commercial Transactions

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The corporate and commercial transactions group at Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C. is comprised of highly experienced attorneys advising clients, both in the United States and around the globe, on a broad range of corporate matters, as well as a wide variety of commercial transactions. Corporate matters have included mergers and acquisitions, reverse mergers, financings, joint ventures and other complex transactions for Fortune 10 corporations, multi-nationals, small and medium-sized businesses, and foreign governments in their commercial enterprises. Commercial transactions have involved manufacturing, distribution, importation, exportation and numerous other business ventures in a myriad of industries. Over the years, H&R lawyers have, in corporate and commercial matters, represented domestic and foreign companies, banking institutions, global investment banking firms and international investors, among others, in transactions in the United States and the emerging markets of the world.

Our clients turn to us for counseling and creative solutions, because we provide both boardroom level legal representation, as well as practical and effective legal advice. H&R is experienced in representing and advising directors and executive officers and both controlling and minority shareholders and other constituencies. Representations routinely include such matters as director duties, disclosure obligations, corporate governance, executive compensation, stockholder and director meetings, director and officer liability, and regulatory compliance. H&R attorneys also deal extensively with the client’s operational personnel, in negotiating complex agreements and arrangements and in organizing commercial enterprises.

Each client and each matter presents a different set of considerations. The basic legal issues raised by a particular matter may be familiar to many in the legal profession, but the way in which the matter affects a company and its business inevitably presents unique challenges. Meeting these challenges requires attorneys that bring experience, fresh perspectives and the ability to think outside the box, and use their talents to devise strategies that are tailored to the particular matter, rather than to fit into a pre-conceived formula.

Herzfeld & Rubin and its affiliates have provided counseling to the world's largest beverage company, the world's largest manufacturer of mainframe computers, the world's largest consumer products manufacturer, one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, Europe's largest pharmaceutical firms, one of Asia’s largest truck manufacturers, a number of foreign banks from nations such as Italy, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Germany and Austria, leading multinational defense contractors and other firms engaged in manufacturing, shipping and real estate development. Representative transactions include the acquisition of automotive, metals, tire, defense, cement, consumer products, packaging, chemical and petro-chemical manufacturing businesses, cable television companies, major breweries, mineral water plants and retail stores.

In all of these transactions, lawyers at Herzfeld & Rubin and its associated offices brings together the unique combination of exceptional lawyering and creative structuring, a hallmark of our practice.

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