Issues that Affect the Growing Aging Population

Critical Documents Needed in Preparation for Incapacity

Our experienced attorneys assist clients in the preparation and execution of documents needed should one become incapacitated. These documents include a power of attorney and statutory gifts rider, health care proxy and living will. 

Long Term Care Planning

The cost of long term care in New York has made planning a critically important issue for many aging individuals and their families. While some are able to afford private pay care, the cost of long term care will wipe out the savings of many families in a matter of years. Many have worked hard and translated their earning power into financial security for themselves and their loved ones. Without proper planning, however, declining health could rob you and your family of your financial independence. Therefore, it is important to know your options for long term care and to plan ahead. Our experienced attorneys assist clients in the following areas in preparation for long term care:

  • The different types of long term care and the costs
  • Options for how to pay for long term care
  • The differences between Medicare and Medicaid in reference to long term care
  • The process of qualifying for Medicaid
  • Asset protection

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