International Commercial Transactions

Global in reach, local in custom, practice, procedure and concern

Global businesses, large or small, domestic or foreign, all benefit from the high caliber staff of our International Commercial Transactions Group. The Group includes attorneys who are members of the Bar of various European jurisdictions and can advise clients on the laws of those jurisdictions. The International Group regularly represents foreign corporate clients with business ventures in the United States, as well as US clients overseas. (See the section describing our Emerging Markets Practice Group.) The International Transactions Group works closely with foreign clients as they start their business operations in the United States, by assisting them in organizing and structuring their business, in creating subsidiaries throughout the United States, in negotiating and drafting business agreements, such as licensing, distribution, sales representative, employment and consulting agreements, and helping such clients in solving the legal problems associated with their business ventures.

Within the International Transactions Group is the firm’s flourishing Italian Practice made up of attorneys admitted in New York and Italy. They have all practiced law in Italy before coming to the United States, and are well positioned to guide and advise Italian corporations and individuals in their ventures in the United States, as well as U.S. clients engaged in business activities in Italy. The attorneys of the Italian Practice focus on corporate law, contracts, intellectual property, real estate transactions, labor and employment law, international trade and regulatory compliance with import and Customs laws, and secured transactions. The diversified range of clients of the Italian Practice Group includes some of Italy’s best known fashion designers, renowned high-end jewelry companies, fine Italian-wine producers, leading food and beverage companies, major marble and fine ceramic producers, as well as individuals and small startups.

Many H&R attorneys are multilingual. German, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Korean and Romanian speaking attorneys are available for our clients. Our Attorneys advise people and companies on dispute resolution across a number of industries including shipping, insurance & reinsurance, finance, energy & offshore and aviation. Their activities have also included both counseling and litigating with respect to trade-related matters, including proceedings in several landmark international trade cases on behalf of major multinational corporations.

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