Products Liability

Unique Experience and Expertise

The experienced attorneys in our Products Liability Group enjoy an enviable, international reputation as leaders in the field of Products Liability, with a perspective developed over years of extensive work on a variety of Products Liability matters. For over 50 years our clients have entrusted us as their lead trial counsel, regional counsel and ongoing national supervising counsel in the areas of automotive, industrial, pharmaceutical and consumer product litigation. We have developed extensive expertise in related areas such as asbestos, mass tort and class action litigation. Our approach is to assimilate the engineering and scientific foundation of our clients' products, fully understand their purpose, their value to society, and the care with which they are created, designed and manufactured by our clients' dedicated employees. Coupled with a full understanding of the literature in the field, we then develop a defense utilizing legal concepts, expert testimony and the specifics of the case and product, employing an integrated team approach to communicate a carefully honed defense to court and jurors, in everyday language they can accept.

Our well-known and respected Products Liability Attorneys have worked diligently over the years to establish new legal concepts. We have an unparalleled history of successes, which is evidenced by our longstanding relationships with clients that enjoy worldwide recognition, as we continue to attract and nurture prominent national and international clients.

Our Products Liability Attorneys take pride in their reputation and are secure in the knowledge they are constantly advancing the cutting edge of Products Liability law throughout the United States. They have handled litigation matters in state and federal courts in virtually every jurisdiction in the United States as well as courts in Canada.

Our breadth of experience and unique perspective generated over a span of more than 40 years, enables our Products Liability Attorneys to structure defenses for an entire product line nationwide, to act as lead counsel, or "second-chair" as required, and to handle appeals either as lead or associate counsel or as amicus curiae where critical legal decisions will have a broad impact upon an industry or the entire field of product law. Our experience further serves our clients before regulatory and administrative bodies considering restrictions on product lines, recalls or regulations having an impact upon the manufacture, distribution and marketing of those products.

By partnering with clients early on, as new or improved products are developed, tested and marketed, our Products Liability Attorneys strive to save our client's time and money and preserve their reputation. We counsel and advise our client's management and technical personnel, while working closely with in-house counsel, concerning governmental standards and regulations, warnings, advertising, marketing and recalls. Our Products Liability Attorneys frequently advise clients on primary and excess insurance and reinsurance, record retention policies, personnel training, and document discipline and assist our clients in the event of media involvement.

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