Public Affairs and Government Relations

The Public Affairs and Government Relations Group acts as an invaluable intermediary for foreign governments and international corporations as they successfully execute their business plans and transactions, as well as provide assistance to governments in understanding the needs of foreign investors and the methods required to integrate their investments into the national economy. Enhanced by broad experience, we advise clients on government relations, business implementation programs, and economic public policy strategies.

For over twenty years, Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C. has been guiding clients through the complexities of operating in emerging (as well as Western) markets through a network of practitioners with offices in over 80 countries and affiliated law firms such as Rubin Meyer Doru and Trandafir and Balter Guth Aloni in Romania and Israel, respectively. Our transactional expertise stretches from South East Europe through Latin America, Asia, and Africa and is marked by a level of sensitivity and expertise that allows us to deal with the complex legal, cultural, political, and regulatory issues unique to each country and culture in order to help our clients succeed with confidence and efficiency. Our dedication to our clients and to the advancement of the economic, legal, and political transformations of emerging markets was summarized by United States Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan who praised the “great skill and dedication” of the head of our Practice Group, Mark A. Meyer, Esq., in “the economic, legal and political transformation of developing regions” as an “eminent international lawyer, trusted advisor, and successful son of Harvard”.

Foreign Investment

Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C. has represented a wide range of consumer products manufacturers, mining and oil companies, international banks and global investment firms, as well as international investors in a wide range of industries fully described in the Emerging Markets Practice Group section of this web site. H&R attorneys have successfully assisted these corporate investors in detailed and prolonged negotiations with foreign governments in a wide range of matters including the below sampling of transactions:

  • The refinancing of the Panama Canal Railway
  • The negotiation of the privatization of Petrom and RomTelecom, Romania’s formerly state-owned oil and telephone companies, as well as with regard to dozens of other state-owned firms. 
  • The acquisition of  two large Black Sea oil refineries
  • The acquisition of assets of state-owned  banking institutions
  • The redevelopment of the Baneasa Airport
  • Development of over a dozen hotel and resort projects throughout the world  
  • The privatization of a Polish metals company, as well as a former heavy industry factory
  • Cross-border service agreements in Columbia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina
  • The establishment of major breweries, mineral water plants, automotive parts manufacturers, kitchen appliance manufacturers, retail stores, HVAC manufacturers and distributors, heavy trucks ABS systems manufacturers, and tire producers in over 50 countries.
  • Leading the manufacturing investments of a major sanitary-ware manufacturer in Vietnam, Thailand, China, Malaysia and Indonesia
Government Relations

Our lawyers have also worked extensively for foreign governments to supplement the advancements taking place in their respective private sectors. Among the services we have provided to such governments are:

  • Preparation of legislation, including Romania’s “Privatization Law”, a Historic Urban District Development Law, and taxation legislation, as well as amending many pre-existing laws to promote new efficiency such as the Commercial Companies Law and the Civil Code
  • Preparing an action plan regarding Moldova’s Transnistrian separatist enclave, and a coinciding report which was later formally adopted as a United Nations Document
  • Advising on the creation of legislation to aid in the redevelopment of Montenegro’s coastal tourism sector
  • Services as special advisor for legal and economic matters to six European heads of state as well as Honorary Consul General to the Republic of Moldova
  • Development of the policy framework and preparation of the legislation necessary for the conversion of private ownership funds into mutual funds.
  • Assistance to the International Monetary Fund in implementing a secondary securities market.
  • Preparation of the National Tax Law for the Presidential Commission on Tax Reform in Romania
  • Serving as General Counsel to the Bucharest Stock Exchange at its inception and throughout its first year of operation
  • The creation of a “commercial paper program” to assist companies conducting business in emerging markets in securing financing for infrastructure investments.
  • Facilitating contacts with Federal, state and local government agencies researching potential procurement contracts for clients.
  • Monitoring of various governmental agencies rule-making processes, and developing strategies designed to enhance clients’ comparative advantage

In all of these matters, H&R attorneys have been able to assist their clients as they navigate through the challenges characteristic to the transition in emerging markets. Our execution and commitment, coupled with our wealth of knowledge and experience, has won the trust of clients around the world and has created visible results.  

Our team is fluent in various languages, including German, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian, Hebrew, Italian, and French, and has significant experience in a variety of industries and settings, all allowing us to structure and execute the complex transactions which bring our clients success.

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